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Welcome to my humble website!

My name is Zeljko Gusatovic Munksbøl. Yeah, that’s really hard to pronounce, so you are welcome to call me by my nickname, Goose.
I’m the founder of Creosim and I’m developing and manufacturing sim racing equipment.

I know that a lot of new sim racing manufactures are sprouting all over these days, but I believe that I can offer something others don’t.
My goal is to develop products that gives the best immersion for a favourable price.
I’m here to offer you some great products and try to make a living of it, not to get rich.

You can read more about Creosim philosophy here.


Today, I want to announce my first product, Creosim Paddle Shifters MPS-15.

The shifters have adjustable magnetic snap action for the great tactile feedback and they are directly retrofittable with all Fanatec Formula Rims and the Fanatec Universal Hub.
They are also suitable for custom made wheels.

Very soon (within Q1 2017), an adapter for Logitech G25 will be available.
The shifters come with adjustable GT-Style Paddles for round and larger steering wheels.

The magnet can be adjusted when the GT Paddles are mounted, to maintain the resistance when pulling the extended paddles.
The pricing is good too! A set of shifters including GT-paddles, cost 139 EUR (shipping included) for EU customers and 111,2 EUR/118,5 USD (shipping included) for the rest of the world.

After the paddle shifters and the Logitech Adapters are launched, the next product will be a standalone sequential shifter, which also will feature magnetic snap action for the perfect tactile feedback.
The price is still unknown, but I promise you it will be as low as I can get it to be.

After the sequential shifter, an H-shifter will be the next equipment to be announced. Since it is still conceptual, I can’t tell you much about the functions and features, but it’ll be great!



Zeljko \\\\\\\"Goose\\\\\\\"

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