Tilton Style Pedal Pads TSP-17 Available!


I’m happy to present a small addition to Creosim product port folio, Tilton Style Pedal Pads TSP-17!

Tilton-style pedal pads are for great foot control. Creosim TSP-17 has the exact same dimensions as the original Tilton pedal pads.

The surface is grooved and gives really REALLY good grip, regardless if you are driving with socks or shoes! The pads are quite comfortable to use for longer sessions even with socks.

The grip is so good and it gives great confidence and fantastic brake control. This is a mod you didn’t know you needed!

The pads are 3D-printed and are designed to withstand great pressure.

There’s two types of pedal pads, a narrow and a wide one with a price tag of 13,50 EUR (VAT incl.) per pad and you can mix and match as you like.

The pedal pads are compatible with Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V1, V2 and V3, Thrustmaster T3PA/PRO and Logitech G25/27.

I have a small amount in stock for the Clubsport and Logitech available now and more is coming for all 3 pedals, ready for shipment, within 2 weeks.

Check it out here!

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