Paddle Shifter Pre-order is now available!

Now you can pre-order your set of Creosim Paddle Shifters MPS-15.

To be able to manufacture the shifters at the most favourable price, I need minimum 50 pre-orders.

As soon as we reach 50, we are gravy and the production will begin!

The pre-order system is a pre-payment system, meaning the money will be withdrawn when you place the order. Now, I know that some of you might get a bit suspicious and worry that I might take your money and make a run for it to Mexico.

Well, I can assure you that won’t happen! Your money will NOT be spent on anything else than the production of the shifters, when we reach 50 orders. Meaning, if we are not able to get 50 pre-orders within a month or two, the sales will be cancelled and you’ll get full refund.

It’s only because of temporary technical limitation that the system is like this, not because I want it to be like this.

I want you to feel completely safe, at all times, when you are doing business with me and Creosim!

You can at any time cancel your pre-order and get all your money back.


Zeljko “Goose”

7 thoughts on “Paddle Shifter Pre-order is now available!

  1. I am really interested in this product and was wondering if you are close to releasing these shifters? You talk about needing 50 pre-orders, have you reached your goal yet?

    • Hi Adrian
      Not yet, but the orders keeps coming in. I believe that i’ll reach the goal within the next couple of weeks.
      Please feel free to place an order. You got nothing to loose as you can cancel the order any time you want and get full refund.
      If I, for some reason, don’t reach the goal in a forseeable future, everybody gets a full refund and that was that.

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