New Creosim MPS-17 Paddle Shifter soon available!

I'm very happy to announce that the new 3D-printed MPS-17 Paddle Shifters will be ready for shipment in mid December!

The new paddle shifters are 3D-printed with carbon fiber reinforced PLA, which gives great rigidity and strength to the shifters and also makes them very light, both in weight and noise.
Like it's predecessor, the MPS-17 are compatible with Fanatec F1 Rim, Fanatec Universal Hub and any Custom/DIY Wheels. 

They feel incredibly good and affirmative when shifting gear and because of the 3D-printed material, you wont bother your neighbor while racing (well, at least you wont bother them with the shifters). 

There will be a 25% discount on Black Friday, so save up some money for this next upgrade.

Why upgrading to Creosim MPS-17 Paddle Shifters?

Most paddle shifters, including the original Fanatec shifters, are using a spring to hold the paddle in place. You need to gradually overcome the spring tension to activate a switch for a gear change to take place.
The problem with this solution is that sometimes you are accidentally ghost shifting.
Ghost shifting is when you pull the paddle for a gear change, but you accidentally only pull the paddle half way of its throw and the switch is not activated. You have just missed a gear and valuable time, or worse, a position and maybe the race. 
Because of use of spring tension in the original shifters, the paddles can feel soft and there's a risk of accidentally activating the paddle shifters whilst performing a quick directional change on the wheel or when counter steering during a oversteer.

With a magnet, there’s no gradual tension. The paddle makes a sudden snap when pulled and it’s unavoidable to activate the switch. There's no halfway pull here, it's either on or off. 
Plus, it gives a great tactile feedback to the driver that indicates a gear change has occurred.

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