MPS-15 SOLD OUT! Well, almost…

Firstly, I want to thank you guys for the support and for giving me a luxury problem, selling out of stock.

Well, I’ve ‘stumbled’ across two more brand new sets of Creosim MPS-15 Paddle Shifters and they are up for grabs.
Not only that, they come with a 15% discount.

Come and get them before your neighbour!

Will you re-stock the MPS-15 in the near future?
In short, no.
The MPS-15 are very expensive to manufacture, especially in small quantities, which meant that I barely covered the costs with the sales of the 50 pre-ordered units.
And because I would rather avoid pre-orders to fund future production and because I’m not rich, the MPS-15’s are discontinued for now.
If there’s suddenly a great interest in the shifters, then I would reconsider and find a solution.

Now what? I want the shifters…
Don’t panick, I have a plan. I’ve been exploring the world of 3D-printing and it is great!
I have designed a new set of 3D-printed paddle shifters and they are awesome!
The shifters are printed in Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA plastic, which makes it very strong and rigid and also much lighter, both in weight and noise compared to the MPS-15.
Furthermore, I’m currently also working on a 3D-printed sequential shifter which also is going to be a great product.
The paddle shifters will hopefully be available before Christmas and I also hope that the sequential shifter will be ready by then, but I can’t promise that.
I’ve switched the design process of the sequential shifter to 3D-printing manufacturing focus quite late, while the paddle shifters has been more 3D-printing compatible, or mature if you will, from the beginning.

Why 3D-print?
For several reasons:

  • Greater design freedom
  • Prototyping and manufacturing are identical processes
  • Much quicker design/prototyping process
  • Much cheaper prototyping
  • MUCH MUCH cheaper manufacturing

For a small company like Creosim, 3D-printing is a great way of having a small batch production, because the unit price is the same whether I’m manufacturing 1 unit or 30.
This means that I can earn a buck and invest in new and better equipment.

Does this means that all of Creosims future products are going to be 3D-printed? 
Not necessarily.
Like I’ve mentioned, 3D-printing is a great and cheap way for me to deliver some cool products.
There will be products in other materials, notably metal, in the future, but who knows how the 3D-printing world will look like in 3 years time.
Metal 3D-printing is the next big thing and who knows if it’s gonna be feasible for me in 3 years time.
All I am saying is that I’m keeping every option open.

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