Creosim goes on hiatus after last sale of MPS-17

Dear customers and followers

TLDR; Creosim will go on hiatus but puts up 60 updated sets of MPS-17 for grabs at 35% discount before leaving.


In the past 8 months, my family and I have endured our toughest period to date.
We have been through some rough situations, which has resulted in me closing my business and other personal struggles.

Now, as the dust has settled and everything is stabilized, we have found some of the peace, that has been missing the last 8 months and that has given me some time to reconsider some things in my life.

Because I now have a regular job and a family (and myself) to take care of, I have less time for Creosim.
The sales and demand of my products, especially the MPS-17, are almost overwhelming and now all I have time for is sales and manufacturing.

This results in even less time for development of new products.
I have announced a while back that a sequential shifter will be ready for shipping in Q1 2018.
Well, we have entered Q2 and I’m still not satisfied with the prototype and I honestly can’t say when it will be ready at this rate.
I have a list of 5-7 other products that was intended to be ready within 2018 and only 2 of them are work-in-progress and not near ready.

This part pains me the most, because developing and designing products is my great passion and I have great ideas for new and more immersive products, but I can’t find the time for it.
When I’m asked when new products will be released, I hate to keep saying ‘very soon’, because ‘very soon’ is my intention but ‘very soon’ will very soon end up being a lie. And now I must face the lie.

I have concluded, that Creosim will go on hiatus.
This means that Creosim will still exist, but there will be no sales available. This will give me a breathing room to energize, prioritizing my family first and to develop new products at my own pace.

I’ll also have more time to organize the business and to expand the production part, for Creosim to be ready for second round, when I resume sales.

But before I go on hiatus, I have stocked up for a new batch of Creosim MPS-17 before I’ve made this decision, and I really do not want them to go to waste.
Therefore, I’ll put the last round of Creosim MPS-17s up for sale for a great price.
There will be 60 sets of shifters available, and they are LIMITED EDITION.

They are slightly updated than the previously sold, and they have a slightly more enhanced tactile feedback and some (rare) reliability issues has been sorted out.

The pre-orders are open and there will be 2-3 weeks lead time and free shipping.
The price will be reduced with 35% and will be 59,80EUR/74,3USD (for Europeans) VAT included and 47,84€/59,4USD (for the rest of the world) no VAT.
I can’t say with any certainty when I will resume sales, but at least a year from now is my first thought.
If I’m ready earlier, I’ll let you know. Keep yourself updated on the Creosim Facebook Page.

I thank you all for your support and appreciate your understanding.

My email and Creosim Facebook Page will continue to be open, so if you guys have any questions or are just up for a chat, my lines are always open for you.

3 thoughts on “Creosim goes on hiatus after last sale of MPS-17

  1. Dear Zeljko,

    I just received my second pair of the Limited Edition of your Creosim MPS-17 shifters.
    And I thank you for them, I love them.

    I saw on YouTube the review of your paddle shifters and found out that you would go on hiatius.
    So I immediately ordered a second pair of shifters. As I own two Fanatec Clubsport Universal Hubs, so now I can enjoy your shifters on both my Hubs.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you can spend enough quality time with your family, because time is precious.

    If you’ll make a comeback, could you inform me by mail?

    Again all the best!

    Kind regards,

    Arie Kop

  2. I just got the newest Fanatec F1 Wheel, and I just wanted to pass along to you and anyone else interested that your shifters still work on the latest wheel. Its a tighter fit, as they have covered the exposed board on the back, but the shifters still fit and work as they should.

    Your shifters have made a world of difference for me and my enjoyment of sim racing, and I hope you return soon!

    All the best to you and your family!

    Tom Z.

    • Hi Tom

      I’m happy to hear that the MPS-17 are compatible with the new wheels.
      I’m also glad that you are enjoying the shifters.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

      Best Regards,

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