Immersion… The goal of every sim racer. Every sim racer wants the best immersive equipment, but they will also agree that with great immersion comes a great price tag.

Like many others, I often ‘settled’ with low to mid-range equipment because that was within my price range. And most of my equipment did get the job done, but I always had the feeling that it wasn’t as good as it could have been. On the other hand, the equipment that allegedly offers the best immersion are many times more expensive.

This is where CreoSim comes in the picture.

I want to offer great immersive sim racing equipment with a sensible price tag. I think that a price tag of a product should ‘follow’ the production costs, not the features or brand. For example, the CreoSim Paddle Shifters offers a snap action tactile feedback with adjustable strength. Well, guess what? It is not more expensive to produce than a normal spring loaded paddle shifter, but it adds a lot to immersion

Therefore, the price is as low as I can get it to be. I want every sim racer to be able afford my products and in the same time get the best, most immersive and best functioning product on the market.

Immersion – Function – Affordability

That is the mantra of CreoSim and in that order. Every product I develop always starts with this question:
How can I get the product to (substantially) increase the immersion of sim racing?
Immersion is everything to me. This is the backbone of CreoSim.
CreoSim will not release a product if the immersion of that product isn’t better than the best existing product on the market.

The products must be functional and easy to use. The philosophy here is function over form, 100%.
Why, you may ask? Well, this leads me to the third part of the CreoSim mantra, affordability.
Very often when you choose function over form, it is cheaper to manufacture. The other ‘side effects’ of choosing function over form is that you get a better product in terms of, well, function and, in my opinion, often a better looking product because of the raw looks.


CreoSim have two goals, one for me and one for you:

  1. Combining my two greatest passions; product development and racing.
  2. To give you the benefit and the result of goal no.1

By nature, I’m a problem solver and I love being creative about it, so it comes quite naturally to me to develop products and combining it with my great passion for motorsport and sim racing, only good things can come out of it.

Hence the name of the company. It is from latin, creo and simulatio, which means I create simulation


Zeljko "Goose"